Geosocket Information Inc.

Geosocket specialized in the development of interactive web mapping applications. The company has been leveraging geospatial technology by building innovative business solutions for Canadian and international customers.

Our Products

SocketIMS - An internet map server solution to publish your enterprise GIS data into the web.SocketIMS is optimized for performance, outruns most competitive products.

SocketExplorer - An innovative web based visualization and management system for 3D seismic interpretation data, allowing geophysicist and geologist to access 3D seismic data through internet easily and efficiently.

SocketPath - A shortest path algorithm SDK, if you wonder why Google map can find a shortest path so fast and want to boost your route navigation application to that level, SocketPath is the solution.

Our Service

Geosocket' services can be found in a range of industries. In particular Geosocket has completed various major projects in the oil and gas sector. We have created sophisticated, data-driven, map-based programs that manage oil and gas spatial data.

Our Philosophy

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler." Albert Einstein
But simple is by no means sacrifice of performance and quality, actually all our software are looking for high performance and efficiency.

Seismic viewer
ERCB Well Spacing web GIS application,
developed by Geosocket